For decades the Greek consumer has been looking for Greek Quality Beef Red meat to cover its dietary needs. Nevertheless, Greek livestock farming is constantly shrinking, and today “it has the capacity to cover only 8% of the needs for beef. THE AGRICULTURAL PARTNERSHIP OF THESSALONIKI (EASTH SA), which is always on the side of the farmers in Central Macedonia, by listening to the Greek society on the one hand, and to the Greek breeders, who, while they produce meat of excellent nutritional value they become fewer in numbers on the other, decided to take initiatives to overthrow this situation.

In this respect, it created with pride and great expectations, the association of the Greek Red Bovine Race in September 2017. This program concerns the plan to preserve the purity of the Greek Red Race Bovine and to highlight the quality of its meat, so that the producer can be credited with higher value added at the level of marketing of the product, but also so that the consumer can choose Greek quality beef.

The tool chosen to be used to achieve the goal is action is
10.2.1 “Genetic Resources in Livestock”, of the Rural Development Program 2014-

2020. The implementation of the program is carried out in collaboration with the Center for Animal Genetic Resources of New Mesimvria, as it is necessary to apply methods of genetic improvement of herds and their certification.
The project started in September 2017 with the participation of 27
of farms that nudged around 1700 animals of Greek Red Race
while today there are 35 farms rearing around 2500 animals..

The actions of the association are separated into three levels:

  1. Collection – keeping of animal genealogy data and establishment – keeping of herd books and registers.
  2. Ιndividual control of the qualitative and quantitative performance of the animals.
  3. Τo inform livestock farmers about the dissemination and use of the appropriate genetic material for each area.

The results of this program are on the one hand in the short term, concerning the promotion of the quality of the meat, and on the other hand, with the Improvement of Animals.

Our goals are :

  • To spread, to inform, to advertise and to teach every Greek that there are Greek meat-producing animals and that they can and must trust and consume. Particularly, to trust the HELLENIC RED BREEDS of beef cattle because it is controlled and certified by Greek public and private organizations. These animals are not imported, they are BORN HERE.
  • To preserve quality and our comparative advantage, since in the mountainous area of Thessaloniki, animals are kept free in nature for 8 months a year, with the natural environment and the freedom of the animals to guarantee their quality.
  • To increase the amount of meat with the help of the scientists who have the Center for Animal Genetic Resources of New Mesimvria and the scientific and technical staff of EASTH SA.
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